Lloyd Smedbron

Lloyd Smedbron

Trail Ace
UI/UX Mobile App Design

Project Goal

This idea was inspired after going on a hiking trip and using a couple apps that were difficult to implement. I wanted to design an app that was easy to use and could clearly show the most important information quickly.


Trail Ace is an easy to use mobile app designed to aid a user in finding a nearby hiking trail. The user can search by current location, park or ratings. Once a trail is selected relevant information for the trail is listed to decide whether a trail is the one for the day. Users can create a profile and save liked trails and hiking history. Trail Ace also hosts a community of hikers where they can share experiences, tips and ratings for hiked trails.

Browse Trails

Once a location is selected, the user can take a quick look and gauge the difficulty, length and time of a chosen trail by simply tapping on it.

A more in depth look is visible after a double tap. Weather status, elevation change and reviews are now shown on a larger trail card. Hikers can create a profile and create a list of favorite trails. Reviews, tips and advice are available from other hikers in the Trail Ace community.

Search Bars

Trail Map Selection

Trail Card Info